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Our Values, Mission and Services

The International Hair Authority Directory is the most comprehensive, unbiased and user-friendly directory on the Internet. It is managed by a team of hair loss professionals with over forty years of experience. Visitors may use HairAuthority.com with confidence.

Mission Statement

To provide men and women with the most comprehensive, objective and trustworthy information and supply links to qualified hair loss professionals and services.

Our Services

The International Hair Authority reports on important new hair management products and technologies. We cover hair care, hair additions of all kinds, hair transplant procedures, hair loss medications, over-the-counter cosmeceuticals, laser light therapy, PRP, stem cell research and much, much more. If you care about protecting your hair, if you are considering extensions, exploring new wig designs – or if you are thinking about any form of hair replacement, this is information you can’t do without.


All statements, including product claims, are those of the person or organization making the statement or claim. The International Hair Authority does not adopt any such statement or claim as its own, and any such statement or claim does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Authority.

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A personal message from co-founder, Howard Margolin:

I have been part of the hair-management industry for over 30 years. I helped create the first national franchise network and guided the industry towards a more ethical, consumer-oriented market.

When my wife became ill following exposure to chemicals commonly found in personal-care products, I founded a new research and product development company to explore safer solutions. Today, that company is a market leader and I am now taking a new step forward by providing consumers with the tools to find those haircare specialists who share this same commitment to safety and superior performance.

Hair management today combines new technologies and a deep commitment to personal care. These require special training and experience. I hope The International Hair Authority Directory will serve as a focal point where professionals can demonstrate their skills – and where men and women searching for superior personal care can find the best providers.

Howard Margolin